History of The Glen

The original house at The Glen was the home of John Bush from around 1733 until around 1741 when he had to relinquish the property to pay debts. John's grandfather had immigrated from  A distinctive brick inscribed with the initials "IB" ("I" was often used instead of "J" in that time period) in the massive chimney on the south side of the original home is real evidence that this indeed was a home constructed by John Bush in 1733-34. 

John Bush's grandson, Captain William "Billy" Bush, was a close friend of Daniel Boone and one of the early settlers of what is now Kentucky. Billy was one of the men that assisted Boone in blazing the trail to Boonesborough in 1775, and was one of the party that went in pursuit of the two Callaway sisters and Boone's daughter when they had been captured by the Indians in 1776.

In 1749, the Wallace family, led by Dr. Michael Wallace, acquired the property, and "The Wallace Glen" remained in the Wallace family until well into the 20th century. 

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